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My heart, omg.

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Cute Hoodies

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People who demonize female characters just because they get in the way of their OTP cannot be trusted.

"23 years ago today, a boy named Harry Potter boarded the Hogwarts Express. 23 years ago today, Ron Weasley asked if he could sit in Harry’s compartment. 23 years ago today, Hermione Granger asked they if they saw Neville’s toad. 23 years ago today, Harry, Ron, and Hermione were sorted into Gryffindor. 23 years ago today, the golden trio met."

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To celebrate reaching 500 followers (who are you people?!), I’m doing a “whatever fits in a flat rate box from the post office” give away!

Included are:

  • A print of Big Barda signed by the artist Thomas Branch
  • Dallas Comic Con exclusive print of Harley Quinn
  • Funko Computer Sitter, Wonder Woman
  • Cards with art of Booster Gold and Ted, Magneto, Larfleeze, Stephanie Brown, Dex-Starr, Glomulus 
  • Itty bitty figures of Hawkeye, Couslon, Black Widow, Iron Man from these blind bags.
  • Uncanny Avengers #1 Scottie Young Variant, More Than Meets the Eye #28, Sensation Comics #1 (two great Wonder Woman stories!)
  • FCBD Rocket Raccoon issue, Demon Knights 1-4 & 6-9, New Warriors #1, All New X-Factor #1 and She-Hulk #1 with the digital codes included!

This is open to anyone in the United States only, including Alaska and Hawaii, (apologies to followers elsewhere) and I will ship it to you free of charge. You can reblog and like for two entries total but you must be following me. You must have your inbox open and be willing to give me your address when I contact you.  

Giveaway ends midnight September 1st! Good Luck!

A reminder this ends tonight!



all forms of shipping are disgusting and shameful


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Scarlet Witch by Michael Dooney

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Being good to each other is so important, guys.

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"There’s this issue you’re not allowed to discuss: that women are needy. Men can go for longer, more happily, without women. That’s the truth. We don’t, as little boys, play at being married - we try to avoid it for as long as possible. Meanwhile women are out there hunting…


BDSM is nothing more than the ILLUSION of power disparity. There is no actual power disparity. The sub has just as much control as the dom, just as ANY OTHER CONSENSUAL SEX ACT. BDSM is NOT torture. BDSM is NOT abuse. BDSM is NOT rape.

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